Our Principles

The Company

Gaia's Foods is a family-owned plant aiming at production and standardization of handmade organic products! Our 50-year experience in traditional diet is combined with scientific knowledge and the result is the production of pure organic products, without coloring and preservatives, without the addition of sugar, gluten-free and lactose-free!

Our Supremacy

As we all know, in food processing a significant percentage of valuable substances can be eliminated. The bites ``Oh! Gaia`` are not baked, thus coming with all their nutrients intact, which makes them ``health bombs``!

Our Philosophy

In “Gaia’s Foods” we cherish and value proper nutrition, while we believe in mottos like: “We are what we eat” and “Let food be your medicine”.

For this reason, we aim to provide not only tasteful but also functional products.

Based on the philosophy of having 5 meals a day, where the intermediate meals play a crucial role in the regulation of metabolism, we were driven exactly by this: The in-between meals can be fulfilled even when there is no time to prepare them due to the hectic modern lifestyle and yet in the most natural way!

Healthy bites, as their name reveals, are bites that can be easily transferred and consumed (also) gradually (3 bites of 15 grams each) providing ingredients that promote good health!

They contain nothing but natural ingredients of organic foods and super-foods and are handmade, thus they can improve the image of our body.

With “Oh! Gaia” healthy bites we can make the first step towards a better life!